About Us

Meet the team

Built from the ground up to deliver solutions in an easy-to-work-with package, Plait strives to be the solution to your biggest connectivity headaches.

Plait’s unique bonded internet technology combines multiple networks to achieve higher levels of speed and reliability – an asset that, in today’s cloud-based and SaaS system work environments – is as much a necessity as the computers themselves.

We achieve this by building a team of individuals who work tirelessly to put their experience in technology to work for your company. This is a team that can get on your level, providing highly technical solutions that are easily explained and executed.

Our core executive team consists of four individuals (read about them here) who have over 85 years combined experience in the fields of technology and operational innovation.

It’s a team we’re proud of, and a team you’ll feel is on your side. We keep you connected.

Colin Atkinson

Director, Co-Founder

Colin is a Director and Co-Founder of Plait Networks where he leads the team that is working to be the premier provider of Bonded Internet within North America. With over 20 years in senior management, Colin enjoys the challenge of leading a team to successful outcomes.

Peter C. Smyrniotis

Director, Co-Founder

Peter has over 25 years’ experience in the technology industry, having developed skills, competencies and expertise in a number of areas and industries, both private and public. These include global manufacturing, automotive, gaming, software, hardware, enterprise, e-commerce, business development, strategic sales, channel & partnership, cloud brokerages, robotics, and augmented reality. Further Peter is actively involved in the technology sector, advising companies on sustainable growth and scaling commercialization activities.