Questions? We've got Answers

What speeds can I expect?

Plait consistently delivers 90% combined throughput of all of the connections involved in the bond.

How many lines can I bond together?

There is no limit to the number of connections that can be bonded.

Does VoIP work over Bonded internet?

Absolutely. Our product includes quality of service (QoS) features to prioritize VoIP and other interactive applications over bulk traffic. This means that protocols such as SIP/RTP, ICMP, and SSH are sent before non-interactive data such as web, mail, and FTP transfers. This prioritization is performed for both the outbound and inbound connections.

Your VoIP traffic benefits from all of the other benefits of bonded internet plus QOS, even over broadband circuits.

Will I need to reconfigure every device on my network?

No. Bonded Internet is completely transparent to your network as well as to inbound traffic. You will only need to reconfigure your firewall or router with a new Static IP Address.

When a connection fails, will I experience any downtime?

You will not experience any downtime when a connection fails. Our solution detects connection failure within 0.3 seconds and automatically removes the failed line from the bond. Bonded Internet begins using the line again within 0.1 seconds when connectivity is restored.