Plait Enterprise

Enterprise level performance and reliability

If your company needs the ultimate in connectivity, you’ll be covered by Plait Enterprise. It delivers all the outstanding features of Plait Pro, but with the ability to bond six connections up to 1 Gbps for massive aggregate speeds and guaranteed network uptime.

The Superman of internet bonding, Plait Enterprise gives users a monster level of connectivity and an airtight network connection with even faster speeds than Plait Pro.

With the ability to bond any broadband connection and provide network resiliency from the symmetric sum of all circuits, Plait Enterprise is rack mountable (1U), and delivers excellent performance.

Plait’s unique software solutions will bring you faster network speeds, increased uptime, quality of service, and encryption without the elite price tag of similar technologies. Both options can be customized to use any variation of connections.

Does your network need extra reassurance? Contact us today to find out how you can stay connected with a custom solution.

Plait Enterprise reduces:
● Network outages
● Backup times
● Downtime
● Operating expenses
● Frustration for remote desktop users

Plait Enterprise delivers:
● 99.999% uptime
● Increased bandwidth and better performance at up to 70% lower cost than MPLS networks
● Excellent ROI

With Plait Enterprise, you’ll see:
● Higher quality VoIP calls
● Better performing VPNs
● Multiple-line redundancy with seamless same IP failover/failback

Cost: $500/month
24/7 monitoring and management
Quality of Service
LTE compatible