Plait Pro

For the SMB market

When you can’t connect, everything stops. Plait Pro is the simple solution to your bandwidth woes. It provides custom bonded internet to aggregate the speed and reliability of two circuits from the same or different carriers. It effectively increases your bandwidth and provides true carrier redundancy protection.

Plait Pro bonds up to three connections up to 200 Mbps to create a network that eliminates slow speeds and internet disconnection.

By harnessing the aggregate power of Plait Pro’s Bonded Internet, you’ll eliminate or reduce downtime, and watch your throughput skyrocket to over 90% for speeds unreachable through a single connection.

Plait Pro reduces:
● Network outages
● Backup times
● Downtime
● Operating expenses
● Frustration for remote desktop users

Plait Pro delivers:
● 99.999% uptime
● Increased bandwidth and better performance at up to 70% lower cost than MPLS networks
● Excellent ROI

With Plait Pro, you’ll see:
● Higher quality VoIP calls
● Better performing VPNs
● Multiple-line redundancy with seamless same IP failover/failback

Cost: $300/month
24/7 monitoring and management
Quality of Service
LTE compatible