Why Plait

Speed Reliability Consistency

What is Plait?

Plait offers a Software Defined bonded internet solution that combines currently available technology – DSL, LTE, fiber, wireless, or cable – to unleash the combined power of all circuits.
Plait has created a unique solution that is not hardware dependent. It can utilize any number of network devices to scale your internet speed and reliability as much as your business requires.
Choose from one of Plait’s bonding devices, or use your own.

How Plait Works

Plait’s bonded internet is a simple, elegant solution to connectivity problems. Don’t let the limitations of your individual internet provider bring down your business. Harness multiple networks to combine the speed and reliability of each one. Get more information on the process here.

Technology Comparison

Thanks to cutting-edge innovation, Plait can bring you faster network speeds, increased uptime, quality of service, and encryption without the high price tag of technologies that provide similar services.

Find out more about how Plait compares to other technologies here.

The solution custom built for you

Bonding for speed? Redundancy? Both? We have you covered

Combining the speeds of multiple lines, as well as their reliability, means that you can build a bonded internet solution that fits the precise needs of your organization.

Plait’s best-in-class solution to your internet connectivity woes is available in two options, priced to best fit your requirements. Keeping your company online has never been easier or more affordable. See which option best suits your business here

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