Technology comparison

Simply Better

As an IT professional, you’ll know that WAN and internet technology problems often have multiple solutions. The trick is finding the solution that meets the highest number of your requirements, at a cost that makes sense for your business.

Your need to be constantly connected is our priority, and Plait’s custom bonded internet has been built to address the most common internet connectivity problems: speed and reliability.

Network Speed

Multilink PPP and the use of a T1 connection are common solutions to any speed problems, but they are not without their limitations. Multilink PPP can only bond connections of the same type and speed, limiting the options available to you. Upgrading to a T1 will increase your speed, but is not scalable above a certain point, and is limiting when dealing with Cloud Services like hosted email due to insufficient download speeds.

Bonded internet can do what Multilink PPP accomplishes without being limited by the type and speed of the device.

While load balancing devices help to prevent downtime, they also prevent users from downloading using several connections simultaneously. Bonded internet, on the other hand, harnesses the power of all connections for superior overall speed.

Network Uptime

If your company is experiencing frequent interruptions to your WAN/internet connection, you should consider Bonded Internet. Easily bond diverse carrier connections to get unstoppable reliability using the total symmetric sum of all circuits.

Encryption and Quality of Service

Video conferences and the use of VOIP are common in today’s business world, and each requires a fast and reliable internet connection. Traditionally, a pricey solution called MPLS would ensure audio and video meetings are not interrupted by downtime by using a routing protocol that prioritizes certain traffic.

Bonded Internet allows both prioritization and encryption over public internet connections without the hefty price tag.