What is bonded internet

Speed Reliablility Consistency

You may believe that standard, single-network internet technology is perfectly able to meet the demand of any business. Unfortunately, internet service providers are not regularly innovating, and still offer the same options that have been around for years: DSL, LTE, modem, fiber, wireless, or cable.

Your business depends on a reliable internet connection. Slow speeds and network interruption due to downtime are unacceptable and can literally shut you down.

Enter bonded internet.

Bonded internet combines as many network connections as you’d like, and lets you scale your organization’s speed and reliability. Simply put, it keeps companies online.


How it works

1. First, client network traffic passes through the Aggregator. The Aggregator divides the data stream, and routes each packet through an individual internet connection.
2. When the CPE is reached, the packets are recombined and sent to the client network.
3. Network traffic leaving the client network reverses. The bonding device divides the traffic among your available connections, and the Aggregator recombines it before routing it to the destination host.

Bonded internet from Plait is securely controlled at two locations: a customer premise appliance (CPE), and a server in your or one of our partner’s data centres (an Aggregation Server).